Record your next project with RAMP

RAMP’s project studio offers students/clients both audio recording and recording instruction. We specialize in solo singer/songwriter recording and production however, our relationships with local studios allow us to accommodate larger projects as well. Our recording/production class offers students the opportunity to learn the “ins and outs” of recording. With the rapid growth of recording technology, we hope to give students/clients both the knowledge and assistance they need to eventually produce their own recordings.

*Offering present and past students an introductory rate on recording time of
just $20 an hour! There will be a 3 hour minimum.

* A quick note here: you don’t always need a BIG fancy studio to get an awesome sound. There are several INCREDIBLE artists out there who record from their bedrooms! Of course, you have to have the right gear and KNOW how to use it…

Contact Marshall: | 585-223-2310