Recording Lessons

We’re RAMPing things up for recording and recording/production classes.

*Offering present and past students an introductory rate on recording time of
just $20 an hour! There will be a 3 hour minimum.

* A quick note here: you don’t always need a BIG fancy studio to get an awesome sound. There are several INCREDIBLE artists out there who record from their bedrooms! Of course, you have to have the right gear and KNOW how to use it…

Private recording and production classes will be available – $50 per hour.
These lessons will be based upon your needs and catered to accommodate
your own learning style and gear. An hour of hands on experience and tutelage can save you days of reading and experimentation to find the right process.

Marshall has recorded many styles of various artists, including: Acoustic, Vocal, Rock bands, R & B, Rap, Hip-Hop and etc…

Marshall has a degree from The New England School of Communications at Husson College in Maine, where he focused on audio production and recording. He is knowledgeable, personable and works efficiently to give you the best product.

Contact Marshall: | 585-223-2310