Guitar, Bass and Showroom

RAMP (Rochester Area Music Project) offers fretted instrument consultation in a relaxed environment, providing a backdrop of experience and integrity to the musician’s search. We offer the finest quality instruments for the beginner to the discerning professional. We are able to make solid recommendations based on the style of play in conjunction with what a person’s financial comfort level might be. Our balanced approach to helping people find just the “right” instrument without the pressure and hype carries on our tradition of having satisfied, repeat customers.

We specifically target product lines that cater to a musician’s needs and values, not the hype of a hand full of well-known brands. In other words, enjoy the instrument for the value that it presents, not just the name on the headstock. We’re not saying that all these well-known names are bad, but rather, that we may have an alternative that matches or exceeds your expectations for quality at a more affordable price. This equates to value for you now and in the future. You can ask some of our former students, who after twenty years or more still have the same guitar they purchased from us. In addition, they have found that while the instrument might not have had one of the “big-name” brands sketched in the headstock, it still grew to be a respected brand or a quality instrument that stood the test of time and often dramatically increased in value.