Piano Lessons

Our piano instructors also offer a range of styles from classical, traditional, Broadway, pop and jazz. All of our instructors have extensive experience and backgrounds in teaching private piano lessons. Various performance opportunities are offered throughout the year. Age levels for piano range from 5 years of age through adult. Some of our piano instructors are members of the Rochester Piano Teacher’s Guild. The combined talents of our instructors include educational experience from Nazareth College, numerous workshops, performing, worship leading and much more. So, whether you’re searching for someone to guide you through playing Bach or Beethoven, or more possibly more contemporary styles of traditional piano, the church or Duke Ellington- you can find it right at our studio. The talent at our studio can give you those options.

“Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your support. And thank you for your wonderful studio! You really make a difference in the lives of young music students.”

We will miss you but you will always be a part of the blessings of our family. MANUEL’S MUSIC STUDIO is our #1 recommendation!” G.F.