Guitar Lessons

All of our guitar and bass instructors have taught privately for a minimum of twelve years. Each is comfortable teaching children, teens and adults and can cover a wide swath of music styles and genres. The combination of performing & recording, as well as the various educational platforms our instructors have experienced, allow a wealth of knowledge to be infused into our private lesson program.

Many of our students have formed their own bands. Some are preparing to play in the jazz ensembles at their high schools and still others are taking playing to the next level in preparation for college. As we have kept in touch with many of our former students, we have come to understand the vital role that music played in their lives. Many of our past students are still performing professionally, teaching privately or in schools. Some former students are now bringing their children to our studio! That may explain why we’ve been “the place” to take lessons for over 35 years.

{Garry, Thank you for another great year of guitar lessons and new challenges! It’s been so much fun. And thank you for the opportunity of being in a new band. I can’t wait for the performances to come! MM

I want you and Jerry to know that you guys are very special and you have a great establishment. You both have brought me back to my guitar and I thank you. I hope I can find a place down south where I feel as comfortable and can learn as much. DG}

We’re also comfortable with those wanting to use an acoustic guitar as a songwriting tool, or around the campfire, as well as the student wanting to shred metal riffs. There are still plenty of players delving into classic rock and blues. That certainly is not a problem in our camp. We can even accommodate someone wanting to leap into open tunings and tapping styles of Hedges, DeGrassi and others. The instructors have plenty of performing and recording experiences under their belts too.