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Supro Amps


The signature element of a Supro amp is its “Class-A” power section, which maintains remarkable clarity and dynamics when overdriven. This gritty midrange sound is the original alternative to Fender… you could call it “the other white meat” of classic American tone! Every element of our Supro reissue amps has been designed from the ground up to bring this long-lost, holy-grail amp to musicians at a working player’s price. The Blue Rhino Hide tolex was specially made, the cabinetry is vintage-correct, the USA-made speakers are totally unique, the transformers are custom and the sound is 100% authentic Supro.

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Jimmy 50 Watt Tube Amplifier with Clean channel, Overdrive channel, and Dirt channel. Stackable gain system allows for four distinct sounds. Each channel has independent volume controls. Jimmy features reverb, external speaker output, and a master volume. The Jimmy features JJ Tesla 6L6 Power tubes and 12AX7 preamp tubes. Standard speaker configuration is Celestion Vintage 30. Made in USA

ZT Lunch Box Amps

You really have to hear these great little amps!

Samson Amps & Sound Reinforcement

Samson XB510i Portable Audio System

Expedition PA (Sampson website)

Dean Markley Amps

We no longer deal this line, but have one 30 watt tube amp remaining

Austin, RM, and others