Music Momentum for Spring at RAMP

The Rochester Piano Teachers’ Guild, RPTG, just finished its 9th Annual American
Composer Series.  RAMP piano teacher, Teddy Carr, past president of RPTG, started
this annual event nine years ago for RPTG piano students.
This annual event brings in piano composers who not only autograph students’ music,
but also speak to students and parents, as well as performing compositions they wrote
for the delight of everyone.

All students must perform their music from memory, knowing the composer is in the
front seat listening to them.  The event takes place each year at Nazareth College.  The
Department of Music gives the RPTG the use of the beautiful LInehan Chapel for the

This year, the following students of Teddy Carr worked very hard to perform at the
American Composer Series:  Andreas Bouquin, Jasmine Chen, Rafaela Doser, Victoria
Groysman, Natalie Larzelere, Abby Lenhard, Joseph Marafioti and Maggie Toper.
The students performed beautifully, had photographs taken with the composer and also
received a door prize from FJH Publishing company.  This is a very unique and inspiring
piano event.

RAMP also held their Spring Coffeehouse event, that included three of Garry Manuel’s
guitar students performing cover tunes as well as original compositions. One of the
students also takes voice lessons as well.

It was an intimate gathering with the focus clearly upon the music. The performers were:
Maggie Phipps, Karla van Ardt and Scott Edwards. Yes! Adults have an opportunity to
perform as well. Some of our students have begun performing professionally at local
clubs as well as participating in the Fairport High Jazz Band.

RAMP is excited about the prospects and the future of our talented musicians. We look
forward to our upcoming 40 th recital and more performances by these wonderfully
talented individuals.