Ramp Coffee House Pictures – Feb 9th

The RAMP Coffee house performance was a wonderful evening.  All the students did an amazing job, and the setting could not have been better.During the show, the Inn on Church served coffee and scones, adding to the night.

Music brings out the best in all of us, and RAMP wants to bring this into everyones lives. This is the importance of the intimate “coffee house” setting. It gives performers a chance to really show who they are, and the passion that comes out in music. This is something that gets lost in the majority of pop music. This is the first of many “coffee house” performances under the RAMP name!

Here is the outline of each students performances:

Alex Leach – 8th grade – Fairport – about a year at studio

Karla van Aardt – 9th grade – Fairport about year and a half – sang a Mumford and Sons tune and an Afrikaans tune called Victoria Baai

Steve Kurz – 11th grade – Penfield – 5 years at the studio – he played one original, In the Real Early Morning by Jacob Collier (sung and played piano) and a jazz piece by Kevin Olson

Alex – sang Maybe (Ingrid Michelson) and Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell) – guitar & vocal

Karla van Aardt – played guitar, piano and vocal

Marshall – did original tunes and closed with a tribute to Tom Petty, playing Free Fallin